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We Go

Volunteering has always proved to add value to other people’s lives. Join us on our outreaches to bless people and establish HOPE in our community and internationally!

Local Touch

New Revival’s local touch in the Community is to establish the Goodness of God. FRESH REVIVAL is all about reaching the community through 5 important areas. (F) is for the Food PantryWe are developing a food pantry in the Sun Valley, NV to lend a hand to those in need. (R) is for Recreation as recreational camps and leagues for youth sports will be established to Build A Generation of Champions, Winning Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically. (E) is for Education. We are partnering with the four elementary schools, one middle school and one high school (Hug High)  in Sun Valley, NV to empower not only our youth but the teachers and faculty who give their all to develop the future leaders of our community. (S) is for Seniors. We desire to express our gratitude through services to our Senior population making sure they know, “you are special and never forgotten.” (H) is for Habitat. We encourage, partner with and support the local businesses in Sun Valley, NV. Partnering with these businesses, creates a better community today, tomorrow and for the future.


New Revival Church has been blessed to partner with xHope Missions to empower the at-risk child by providing hope, love, education and a forever family in Uganda Africa. We are blessed to not only contribute locally but internationally in establishing and providing educational opportunities to the children of Uganda Africa. We also desire to ensure the children of Uganda have simple things like food, clothing, education, and basic needs met. With your participation you can impact a child’s life and play your part in ensuring a child has beneficial opportunities for their future. We are investing in the future, one child at a time, with xHope Missions. Click on the link below and partner with New Revival Church in impacting the children of Uganda Africa. 

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