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We Motivate

Weekly Motivational Messages


Weekly Motivational Messages were created to Motivate people during their work week to stop, breathe and acknowledge the goodness of God in their lives. He fights for you and is not against you. These are text messages that will speak to you in the right moment. People from all over the country are signed up for these weekly messages designed to give you hope and not despair. If you desire to receive the Weekly Motivational Messages sign up on the link below.


"I feel like God uses these messages to speak to me at the right time"

"I truly appreciate the messages. Something to really think about for the week and a way of working on my relationship with God." 

"I really needed this one today, it totally applies to me right now"

"You have no idea how badly I needed your message today. Thank you!"

"Just what I needed to start the week, thank you Pastor."

"I love this, thank you for this lovely message. Have a blessed week Pastor!"

"Wow thank you once again"

"This is very thoughtful, thank you for thinking of me!"

"I look forward to every Monday Messages"

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